High School (2005 – 2009 birth years)

The high school program will be available in the spring to those eligible to play HS soccer the following school year. The emphasis is to have players maximize player performance in all aspects of the game and get a positive result in individual matches.  Tactical training and small-sided games are an essential part of the training at this stage. Attacking and defending principles will be part of all games. Important aspects of the tactical training are speed of play, quick transition, counter attacking and finishing in the final third, as well as pressing.

Technique will focus on speed of play and accuracy with part of the technical training being position-specific (e.g. defender: passing, center midfield players: receiving to turn and strikers: finishing).

The physical aspect of the game is key at this stage: endurance, strength and speed will be part of the weekly training routine.

  • The program is offered in the spring/summer.  
  • Training sessions are run by licensed coaches 2-3 times a week, dates and times to be determined by the coaches.
  • The teams will mainly compete in tournaments and prepare for the fall HS season.
  • Registration fees are $75 per season 


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