Supplemental Programs


  • Black Hills State University Yellow Jacket’s women’s soccer team:
    • July 9th – 11th will be their mini-Jackets day camp from 6pm to 7pm for U6 kids.  You can get to their Camp information by clicking here.  Cost of Camp is $60.
    • July 8th – 12th will be their Jackets camp for U8 – U14 soccer aged kids.  You can get to their Camp information by clicking here.  Cost of Camp is $180 for a full-day schedule or $120 for a half-day schedule.  This is scheduled from 9am – 3pm and includes a ball, t-shirt, and lunch.
  • Spearfish Boy’s Soccer
  • Spearfish Girl’s Soccer
  • Challenger International Camp – Register Here
    • June 10th – 14th

SSA Belief

The development of players is primarily the responsibility of the local club, and it builds the foundation for our players.  Playing on different teams can also be very beneficial to a player’s development.  There are opportunities for players to enhance their skills and play in regional tournaments through supplemental soccer programs and partnerships, and Spearfish soccer is committed to working with other organizations to offer multiple pathways for our athletes.  

“A different voice, a different eye and a different environment are all components for elite players to thrive and learn.”

For players that seek additional training and development opportunities, there are options available in South Dakota.

Olympic Development Program

The Olympic Development Program (ODP) was introduced to help identify potential national team youth players through an organized series of trials which begins at the district level, progresses through the state, region and finally the national level. The program also serves as a means of development as the players identified are brought together for a training experience and prepared for interstate, interregional and international competitions.  

Dakota ODP benefits the elite player in providing a supplemental developmental experience than perhaps what they receive with their local club by identifying and allowing the best players in the state to play alongside each other and against other select teams domestically and internationally. 

Benefits include: 

·       The opportunity to train and play with the best players in one’s age group.

·       Quality instruction from nationally licensed coaches.

·       Exposure to regional and national team and college coaches.

For additional information, please visit SDYSA.


South Dakota United

South Dakota United (SDU) is a regional soccer organization that serves kids from all over South Dakota and North Dakota.  They are an organization who is interested in working with and alongside other organizations to provide a higher level of soccer to players seeking it.   They offer monthly training sessions in Pierre, SD and opportunities to attend regional tournaments for players U12 and up.

For additional information, please visit SDU.


SSA Expectations

Training and Development

Players are expected to train with their local club and if training conflicts occur, it’s imperative the players/parents communicate with both the coaches to determine which team the player will practice with that session.  


Players will roster with Spearfish in the local tournaments they enter.  Efforts will be made by Spearfish and SDU to avoid conflicts, and we will work with our coaches to have tournament dates posted in advance.  However, should Spearfish and SDU play in the same local tournament or play in tournaments on the same weekend, the priority is to play with Spearfish.

Local Tournaments: Spearfish, Gillette, Rapid City, Billings
Regional Tournaments (SDU): Sioux Falls, Iowa, Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago 


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