U8 (2016 – 2017  birth years)

The U8 program places a continued emphasis on fun, sportsmanship and developing ball skills at an early age.  Community coaching is utilized, and curriculum is provided to lessen the burden on coaches and enable them to just focus on having fun with the kids.  Each practice session will include games and activities to keep young athletes engaged while learning the basic skills to become a soccer player.  Game play is introduced at this age as a forum for players to test their ball skills.  The games should be considered an additional means of development, rather than the objective.  For those looking for tournament play, we do have an option to select U8 Tournament for an additional $10 registration fee.  Parents that select U8 Tournament should expect a higher level of expectations from the coaches on coachability, commitment to travel and fees associated with that, and participation.

  • The program, which is 7-8 weeks in duration, is offered in the fall and spring.
  • Training sessions are run by our U8 coordinator on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Players will practice and play with others having the same birth year.
  • Each season will offer game play on Saturday mornings, and the opportunity to participate in 1-2 festival style tournaments (for an additional fee).
  • Registration fees are $45 per season and include a practice shirt.


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